Here Are The List Of The Worst Enemies Of The EQTC:

Checkdisk 666 RFAA THDTC (a.k.a. Checkdisk):

Reason(s): Constantly calling people the N word, using mean and offensive remarks at people all the time and being the leader of the EQTC’s #1 most hated group, THDTC.

ThomasTheCatWarrior (a.k.a. TTCW):

Reason(s): Being a rabid VGCPtard, bashing Everest fans and hating on EQTC for a very bad reason.


Reason(s): Being a Bad UTTP member and harassing EverestFTW EvilEverestFTL and other EQTC members


Reason(s): Evil clone of CatComedian Is Cutie EQTC (an EQTC member)

Tommy Parky UTTP:

Reason(s): Fake leader of the UTTP and made an imposter of me

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