Revamped EQTC Rules:

1. You must be at least 11 years old to join (unless you join EQTC Jr.)

2. No THDTC or VGCP members allowed (except for my friends).

3. Join the EQTC community or ask for authorization before using the EQTC’s name, but if you’re banned from the EQTC, don’t put it in your name.

4. No sending death threats to Everest fans or forcing them to hate Everest.

5. No agreeing with Satanism.

6. No Checkdisk fags allowed.

7. If you’re an AUTTP member, you’ll have to ask us before promoting because some of the members are UTTP members.

8. No harassing, banning or attacking mods for a stupid reason.

9. No posting shitposts, spam, pornography or disturbing imagery.

10. Don’t cry for attention.

11. We accept certain UTTP members, so don’t attack.

12. No hacking us.

13. Any changes to the community not made a leader needs permission.

14. Don’t impersonate EQTC members.

15. No making clone groups to the EQTC.

16. No stereotypes allowed.

17. No using racially offensive language.

18. Any horseplay with other members is forbidden.

19. Don’t spy on us.

20. Don’t force us to promote you.

Note: Older members will be fine and can have EQTC in their name without asking.